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  • About Us

    Nuspay™ Worldwide (Nuspay™) is a FinTech company , originally started its Journey in the USA, in the state of Delaware. It is a global information technology company established with the aim of providing a new, unique and secure payment solution. After the initial years in the US, looking at the promising Asia Pacific market scenario Nuspay™ relocated its main Global operating base to Singapore for availing better market opportunity.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the payment industry offering highly secure payment solutions to the customers of banks, non-banking financial institutions, Micro-financing Institutions.

Our Mission

To bridge the existing gaps in payment transaction systems among the developed and the emerging countries by offering secure, fast, and flexible solutions to the customers of banks and non-banking financial institutions around the globe.


Nuspay™ development team in quest of a best in class payment system technology came up with their unique and innovative platform by analyzing the evolving trends, balancing both the developed and emerging market focus, so that with appropriate modification and customization, it ts to the specific requirements of the payment systems as required. Nuspay’s current technology platform measures up to the requirement anywhere in any part of the payment systems domain, whether developed, emerging economy & even where development of payment system is weak at the moment.

Thus Nuspay™ is able to ensure secure transactions anywhere by protecting sensitive data inside the network. Where only temporary Virtual Account data is used at the time of transactions.

We believe that a modern payment solution should be tailored to address the current demand and need of the particular region and context. In the light of this, we have developed a versatile and secure payment solution to minimize fraud and eliminate error in the payment industry. We wish to continue our efforts in improving secure and flexible transactions and enhance our solutions through innovation and integration of the latest technologies.