• The Next Generation Digital Payment Network
  • The Next Generation Digital Payment Network
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Nuspay™ Blockchain

Making Blockchain adoption Fast, Flexible and Secure. Nuspay platform made your Cryptocurrency Transaction & Exchange just a Touch away and take it even many steps further . . .

Nuspay™ Leapfrogged to Revolutionizing CRYPTOCURRENCY industry. Our Latest INNOVATIONREDEFINED BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. It’s Fast, Flexible and Secured.

Online payment service in usa

Online payment solutions

Virtual Account -
New | Unique | Secure

Nuspay™ Virtual Account is a new, unique and secure tokenized payment solution. To make it is the best in class, we have created a unique tokenized payment method called Virtual Account which is agnostic to any form of channel and device.

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Nuspay™ Digital Currency

Nuspay™ Digital Currency (NDC) introduces a digital payment system where customers can create a digital payment form called Nuspay™ Digital Currency (NDC) which can be sent through various channels to anyone.

NDC represents a value issued by a person using the bank account and accepted by people as a mean of payment for goods and services.

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Online payment service in usa

Virtual Bank Account in USA, online payment service providers

Family Pay


Nuspay™ FamilyPay solution is a unique solution for the first time which is an innovative way to deal with family expenses management with control plus agility. This is primarily intended for family expenses to monitor digitally...

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Cashless ATM


NuspayTM Digital Cash, the latest innovation in ushering less cash transaction for the upwardly mobile population, brings forth another innovative solution for the most frequented and popular payments channel – Cashless ATM through Digital Cash tags.

The unique features of using this Primary Alternate Channel uses an encrypted cash tags which the user can use for any form of transaction including withdrawal of cash. But it primarily promotes non-cash usage more which is randomised by widespread merchant acceptance for shopping,...

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Online payment solutions usa

(Agent) Banking

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Online payment solutions usa
Nuspay™ Eco-System
for the MFI Segment

Nuspay™ has launched arst of its kind community based project in the world,...

Online payment solutions usa
Nuspay™ DC in the Community

Nuspay’s robust platform is equally adept at empowering the community.

Online payment solutions usa
Toll, Ticket & Transportation Payments

Nuspay™ NFC Payment Tags, Tap & Pay Cards, and NFC...